I have been feeling a pull towards french variated bikes for years but only recently have circumstances allowed me to pursue such an endeavor.  Even though I feel fairly competent with other makes, I am really making my first steps into new territory with this project. I have owned a peugeot, motobecane and solex in the past, but they were unmodified and eventually sold off to fund other projects.  Since I am faced with limited space and uncertainty about where I will be or what I will be doing in the next few years, I have to restrain myself from amassing a garage full of bikes. Instead I plan to build one great moped with the ability to be a reliable daily driver.

Moped projects usually start with a frame and the one that I am going to build starts with a 1980 Motobecane Traveler frame. The engine will be an AV10 50cc air cooled launch-levered set up.  This is just the beginning and my plan is to have this project completely finished by the coming spring.

Here is the frame: a NOS traveler frame. The previous owner states “Gas has never touched the gas-tank.  The gas-tank still has the oil coating from the factory.” I’m pretty stoked about that.


The downside with building up a frame from bare bones is that I have no reference of what small little parts I need. When you do a build from a complete rolling frame, you have all the little parts already and you know where they all go. I don’t have that luxury here so I will be doing lots of research and asking around when I run into trouble. Luckily the moped community is full of nice people who are happy to help.

Here is a quick reference of some frame differences between motobecane models (reading this was one of the reasons I decided to go with the traveler frame): http://xenialmopeds.blogspot.com/2013/05/mbk-50v-vs-501v-frame-differences.html


Sears Free Spirit

Sears Free Spirit by GotSpark
Sears Free Spirit, a photo by GotSpark on Flickr.

I was going to bring this with me to CT but decided not to last minute, now I’m wishing I had. Oh well…

I went to UCSD, learned some stuff, got a BA in economics and now I’m done. No job, a pile of debt and all I want to do is build stuff and work on mopeds and motorcycles. I drove cross country and moved to Fairfield, CT with my girlfriend. I couldn’t bring any of my bikes cross country, so now I’m on the hunt for my next moped or motorcycle. The price really has to be right for this one, I don’t have a job yet and not much cash left from savings.

Before I left CA, I took a couple of pictures of my puchs:


Update: No Updates!

I went to college, I buried all my mopeds in a big hole in my backyard…


sorry?> I do this for now, kinda: http://gotspark.tumblr.com/








Very productive day considering driving back from Berkeley this morning and recovering from celebrating Zacks graduation last night!

Mr. 2

I finally got some working capital free’d up so I was able to purchase some parts to get Magnum going. The Mike Thomas Puch 5-star disk rotar came today…when I opened it I was surprised how big and beefy it is. It definitely inspires confidence.

Took about 40 min. for me to install it. I made sure the surface of the hub was clean and free of all debris so that the aluminum spacers would sit flush. Installation instructions are here.

Mounted up.

Went to visit Cal Poly SLO this last weekend. I have conditional admittance as a transfer student so the S.O. and I went down to see what’s up in SLO. Saw a Banksy or Banksy look-alike on campus (on Grand I think?)

Also saw some sweet tractors at the farmers market that they were showing off for the tractor pull on saturday! When all 4 engines fired up, this thing was awesomely loud. Too bad they didn’t have any diesels, I wanted to see some black smoke block out the sun gosh darnit!

Go Stangs!